Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Things I Love and Hate

I was tagged by Susan at
and so here is my list of 10 things I love and hate:

1.  I love being a mom!
I wasn't a big fan of labor!

2.  I really love being a grandma
I hate that my grandkids don't all live in the same town as me.

3.  I love my pets
I hate it when the dogs bark at nothing--and the cockatiel joins in.

4.  I love summertime
I hate that I don't have the summer off like I did with a school job.

5.  I love vacationing in Hawaii
I hate having to leave Hawaii

6.  I love my UPS man (it's okay--we are married).
Not a fan of the long hours the UPS man works.

7.  I love my job as a Registered Nurse
I hate to see people in pain or sad

8.  I love chocolate
I hate weight gain

9.  I love decorating for holidays
I don't care for UNdecorating after holidays

10.  I love my friends, spending time with them, and my family.
I regret (hate?) that I let things that weren't important get in the way sometimes of having fun with my kids when they were young

This was a fun post--just typed as it came to mind.  Thank you, Susan @http://www.ofeverymoment.com/

Staci @ twochicksandamom.blogspot.com.  Ok, she is my daughter!

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