Friday, July 3, 2015

Things I Love and Hate

I was tagged by my mom, Donna from here!
and so here is my list of 10 things I love and hate:
1.  I love working out!
I also hate working out. ;)
2.  I love kids!
In my current position, I'm managing 15-20 kids a day, that's not easy.
3.  I love my husband
I hate his summer job of commercial fishing since he's always gone.
4.  I love going to school in Hawaii.
I hate the school part.
5.  I love food
I hate that my favorite foods are the healthiest...
6.  I love clothes
I hate that I can't buy all the ones I like
7. I love night time
I hate that I have to wake up early and can't enjoy them much. (I live in Alaska, it's daylight for quite awhile...)
8.  I love chocolate
I hate weight gain
9.  I love traveling
I hate long flights and over-nighting in airports.
10.  I love having a large family
I hate being gone for such a long time from them
Ali @ Gotta get my sister!
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