Thursday, June 18, 2015


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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Reception Table Backdrop

When we were planning Staci's wedding and reception last summer, we wanted to stay within budget.
We wanted the reception to be festive and fun, with a bit of a tropical feel--you might have seen our "Fruity Palm Tree" post; if not, take a look.

While we wanted a backdrop for the head table (which no one sat at much anyway), we wanted to keep it simple.  We decided on balloons to cover the wall/partitions.  I found a good deal on balloons at  For helium, I purchased the tanks at Wal-mart; I recall we had to buy 3 so we had plenty.  Family members pitched in to fill, tie and place the balloons.  It worked out pretty well, our little assembly line.

I found the "Mr.& Mrs. Forever" plaque at but you could easily use a chalkboard.

Summer is the time for weddings--well, so tradition says.  You might even be attending a few this summer.  It is fun to see how creative and unique the decor can be!  

Monday, June 15, 2015

Minimalist Nails for New Year's

A quick and simple nail style.  We used  a nude polish, let dry and then used a styling tool (okay, who am I kidding--we used an embossing tool that I have in my craft room to make the lone white dot on the nail.  You can also push a ball tipped sewing pin into a pencil eraser and make the dot with the ball).  Added a coat of Orly's High Glosser top coat for the final touch.  

Very simple yet elegant.  Colors go great with any color scheme you might be wearing that day.  Mix it up to your liking!

My youngest chick, Ali, was my nail/hand model.  Thanks, Ali!

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Patriotic Simple Gift

I will admit it.....anything red, white and blue catches my eye.  I love the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, etc.  We fly our flag on any patriotic holiday!

With the Fourth of July just down the road, I took a look at my red, white, and blue decorations.  I really did like the plant wrappers that I made a few weeks ago (see our Simple Gift Update or Simple Gift posts) so thought I would make one for the patriotic summer holidays.

I am short on sponges so I actually found a new car wash sponge in the garage (yes, a car wash sponge) and used a template (for scrap booking) I had of a star to cut a star-shaped sponge.

I cut it about an inch thick so that I could have a firm hold on it.

I then added red, white, blue, and silver acrylic craft paint to parchment paper as my palette.

I cut a brown paper lunch bag to fit over my mint plant.  I used a pair of scrap booking scissors.  I then dipped my sponge in each color, rinsing it with warm water after each color.

I used the slightly rounded end of a paint brush to "dot" paint around the stars.  Of course, I allowed each side of the bag to dry before turning it over to paint the other side.

After drying, I placed the plant inside the wrapper and tied it with craft ribbon.  This is really a simple craft but kind of fun.  I think this would make a nice hostess gift when going to a Fourth of July barbecue!
I hope that you will give it a try.  People who have received these as gifts really think they are quite cute!

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