Saturday, May 30, 2015

Reception Centerpieces

I realize couples get married at any time of the year but summer seems to be a favorite season.  Could it be due to the fact that college graduations have taken place and so many are ready to start new chapters in their lives?  I wouldn't know, my husband and I married 10 months after graduating high school.
My daughter Staci and her fiance Jon were engaged just before school was out at BYU-Hawaii in 2014.  They chose a date to be wed in August of that year, just prior to school starting again.  Ok, they did have time for a honeymoon to Orlando.
The chicks and i spent the summer preparing for the wedding and reception.  Such details to address! 
Invitations, a dress, attire for the wedding party/family, catering, decorations for the reception, and on. If you have ever gotten married or had a child wed, you know what I am saying!
I ordered many of the items we were going to use for reception centerpieces.  I found Amazon Prime and  to be very helpful in finding quality items at good prices with quick (often free) shipping.
Here is a photo of a centerpiece we made:

We knew fresh flowers would be spendy.  Plus, we wanted to have something that family members could take home as mementos of the happy occasion.  We bought some items from Dollar Tree as well.  See the frame above (and in photos below)?  Those were from Dollar Tree and I just sat down one evening and painted over the wood-look finish.  I did leave some "as is" since the frame matched the photo so well.

We made prints of Staci and Jon's engagement photos (their photographer on Oahu just gave them the disk the photos were on), added those to the frames and placed on each guest table.  We used white, round linen table clothes that were already available at our church, placed that over the tables, added tulle-like table runners (we used silver and shades of blue), then placed the photo and glass centerpiece over that.  The material for the runners are readily available online, at Walmart, or at Michael's, which is where we purchased most of ours.

The glass vases mostly came from Dollar Tree.  I also have some taller vases we used as well.  I ordered packages of seashells from Amazon; from ebay I ordered a 24 pack of LED tea light candles.  The colored sand we found at Michael's, as well.  We did end up buying colored sandbox sand (!) at Home Depot as it was less expensive than the small bags we bought at the craft store.  

The colored twine came from Target--hey, we were on a mission for good deals, so when we came across something we thought might work, we bought it!  We purchased burlap ribbon at Walmart--as you can see on some of the vases. We just tied  a simple knot, then hot glued a shell over the knot.  The sand was then added to the vase, the tea lights were placed in the center and then several seashells were added around the candle.  We then put them in a box in a locked room so no one would disturb them before the reception!  Well, the locked room isn't true but everyone was warned to leave them ALONE.
When it was time to decorate for the reception at our church, my good friend Sheri Renae (who, by the way, is 2 people--in her hometown she is Renae, her family and friends in California call her Sheri-she is Renae to me) and my husband jumped right in.  Renae ironed tablecloths while Larry and I measured and trimmed table runner material.  Then came the fun part of adding the centerpieces and framed photos.
Of course, I will have more posts related to the wedding.  I just seem to have gone on and on with this one so hope I haven't bored you.  You are still there, yeah?  Hello?
See you soon!

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