Friday, October 9, 2015

Halloween Gift Jars with Halloween Puppy Chow

I love to craft and I love to cook (ok, usually I do).  I LOVE to make Halloween goodies, though!  A simple craft and a tasty treat all in one is the best!  I made a favorite treat of my grandsons (Jordan 11, Avery 10, and Rylan 7) and then placed that treat in Mason jars and added a couple of simple Halloween adornments.

Puppy Chow is a family fave and I like to keep things simple.  Here is my recipe for Halloween Puppy Chow:

One box Vanilla Chex cereal
One bag Wilton Candy Melts (White) (or you can use white chocolate chips 12 ounce bag)
Powdered Sugar
Fall Milk Chocolate M & Ms
Candy Corn and Pumpkin candy

Pour cereal into large mixing bowl.  Melt candy melts in microwave for 60 seconds, stir, then melt longer if needed.  Pour melted candy melts over cereal and stir lightly till cereal is coated.  Sprinkle cereal mix with powdered sugar and toss lightly (do not toss out of the bowl lol).  Add M & Ms, pumpkins, and candy corn and stir lightly.  Store in covered container--if they last that long!
I placed mine tonight in individual Mason jars for my grandsons.  They are at the age where it is best they have their own individual snacks!  They can't say that empty one is their brother's.  I used my pinking shears and cut some Halloween fabric that I had and placed that over the lid and then placed the jar ring to secure.  

Pretty cute, huh?  I was at Target the other day and since the Dollar Section is right up front, well, I had to stop and browse...and buy.  I loved the small chalkboard arrow tags--6 for $1.00!  I am not being compensated by Target but wanted you to know that you can find some cute, crafty items for cheap in that section.

I used a chalk writer that I have had for my scrapbooking and wrote each boy's name on the chalkboard tags and added simple dashes around the tag, then finished off with a candy corn sticker.  The tags came with a jute tie on but it wasn't long enough to fit over the lid so I tied my own on--jute that I bought for $1.00 from the Target Dollar Section, of course.

I think that the boys will enjoy their little gifts.  The name tags will probably go up in their rooms--they are still young enough they think Grandma (me) is pretty cool and they like it when I make them something.  Heck, they like it when I take them to the grocery store with me lol.

Try the Puppy Chow recipe--it is a yummy snack for, well, anytime.

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