Monday, January 4, 2021


Normally, when the holidays are over, I say to myself (and anyone who will listen), "Well, I'm ready for Spring".  I have yet to have that happen, especially in the Northern Nevada.  Mother Nature pays me no mind.  

So, as I put my Christmas decorations away, I decided to keep my SNOWMEN 
out and add a bit of decor to my dining table.  
I ordered the tray in a set of 3 from ebay early last year.  I ordered these in preparation for Ali's upcoming wedding and reception but she and Tanner just had a small (as in 10 people) ceremony in our backyard in April as there was no way to know what was going to happen next.  I was going to sell the trays on the local classifieds but just hadn't gotten around to it and now I am glad I didn't.  Who knows what I will do with them next!

I did cut quilt batting to fit into the bottom of the tray to give the illusion of a snowy field.  I know that it's batting, though, you can't fool me.

I have been collecting SNOWMEN for several, well, many, years and have also received them as presents.  These aren't all my SNOWMEN, oh no, there are many more.  I do love this festive SNOW globe and it plays "Let It Snow" for added fun.  


I had to include my Nurse SNOWMAN/SNOWLADY.  I have quite a few Nursing-themed collectibles that friends or family have given me over the years since I graduated from Nursing school in 2007.  Not sure how much assistance this one would be with stick arms...

My quilt was made for me by my lifelong friend, Sheri.  Really, we have known each other since 3rd grade when I was the little Southern girl who moved to Nevada.  We became best friends in high school and have remained so ever since.  You can find more of her lovely work at SUNSHINE IN THE ATTIC. 

Here is a photo of some more SNOWMEN that I have collected over the years.  That winter SNOWscape?  Yep, done by my friend Sheri.  
Do you have winter decor that you leave up in January?  Comment below and let us know!


  1. Molto belle le tue decorazioni Natalizie :)
    Buona Epifania

    1. Grazie! Mio figlio parla un po 'di italiano. I migliori auguri per il 2021.

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  3. Just darling and perfect for after Christmas! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.