Monday, June 4, 2018

Fairy Garden Fun for Kids--SUMMER FAMILY FUN BLOG HOP

Our blogging community has come together to give you some ideas to entertain, teach, and keep your kids having fun this summer!  Ideas, galore!

Welcome to the Summer Family Fun Blog Hop
Summer Activity Ideas for kids of all ages. Summer Family Fun Blog Hop. We have teamed up with a few of our blogging friends to bring you some fun summer activity ideas for children of all ages! From June 4th through June 8th, we'll be sharing 3 new projects each day. Our goal is not only to survive the summer break but provide some enriching activities to keep the boredom at bay as much as possible because mom's have the best ideas! Just take a look at what these Mom bloggers have come up with and you'll see what I mean! But first, enjoy the tutorial I am sharing for SUMMER FUN FAIRY GARDENS FOR KIDS.

It's Summertime and the livin' is easy--till the kids get bored.  I kept mine busy with morning chores, reading time, swim lessons, summer library programs, and then playtime.  With the grandkids, I leave most of that to their moms.  I do like to have fun with them when they visit!  One thing that we started last summer was making "fairy gardens".  Not all fairy gardens are the same, though.  Let those kids use their imaginations!

Last summer Kate, age 7, wanted to make a "dinosaur garden".  

We purchased a bag of dinosaurs and solar light from Dollar Tree, a succulent from Walmart and used a planter that I already had.  Oh, potting soil.  Potting soil is usually a must for fairy gardens lol.


Kate also used some "fencing" and a few items (a tree, mushroom) that she found in an old fairy garden that Ali Rose had made!

Ali Rose made a fairy garden using a kit from Walmart a couple of years ago.  

It came with items such as a fairy, tree, signage, and a bird bath.   Ebay also has some cute fairy garden items to purchase (the little dragon in the photo above) and if you are lucky, you can find pretty cute items at dollar stores.

This week, 2 year-old Parker has been staying here, along with his mom Staci and little sister Oakli, who as far a I can tell, doesn't care what we put into a fairy garden.  Anyway, Parker likes cars, work trucks, heavy equipment, trains, and planes; in other words, he is a little boy.  We made a heavy equipment garden.

I bought a bright green plastic tub at Dollar Tree, added dirt and potting soil, and also some small rocks that I had bought at Dollar Tree previously.  I added some faux greenery to the garden as well.  It is  a construction site but they haven't gotten to the plant removal yet. We were also fortunate enough to find 2 vehicles--a dump truck and a bulldozer at the local dollar store.  

That dump truck needs to dump those rocks!

The bulldozer moves boulders out of the way!

Especially with this construction site garden, kids can play with it, add to it, and have a great time with their imagination!

Parker was already to play but alas, it was bedtime!  Tomorrow is another day.

So let your kids choose some fun items to make their own fairy/dinosaur/construction site gardens.  Use real plants to teach them to care for the nature.  Use faux plants so they can play in their garden without fear of killing a plant.  Let them have Summer Fun!

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