Sunday, December 31, 2017

Most Popular Posts of 2017

Happy New Year!  Wishing you a blessed 2018.  We appreciate your stopping by our little family blog and visiting us throughout the year.

  Also, we know each of you are busy with family, careers, responsibilities, etc. but if you would like to follow us on our social media accounts or even sign up for our newsletter (usually only 2 newsletters per month) Staci, Ali Rose, and I would sure be happy!

We want to share with you our Most Popular Posts of 2017. Those would be the ones that you, our readers, visited the most!

Reasons Why I Scrapbook.  This is our most popular post ever!  I love to scrapbook and Staci does, too.  I started this hobby when my oldest was a Senior in high school, as one of his graduation gifts.  I have made one for each child since and also have a family scrapbook.  It has great memories, photos, and is even part of our family history.  Staci has since begun scrapbooks for little Parker and will be making one for Oakli, once she makes her appearance anytime now.

This post is from a Halloween costume idea I had many years ago (and so is the photo).  Football Halloween Costumes were a great costume for our family of 5 boys and Staci as the cheerleader.  Not sure where the oldest 2 boys were when I took this photo....

Old-fashioned Thanksgiving Stuffing is a recipe from my husband's great-grandpa, who owned a diner in Payson, Utah many years ago.  The original recipe we were given had NO amounts for the ingredients so I just play it by ear..., um...taste?  It is very good!

Sugar cookies are so good and fun to make for holidays (Valentines, Easter, Halloween, Christmas) and we love this Bakery-style Sugar Cookie Icing recipe.  Tasty and easy!

Two Chicks and a Mom are Brand Ambassadors for Oriental Trading and Staci shared OT's products for her Christmas Decor this year.  They always have the cutest items.

Our Most Popular post this week has been this recipe from Ali Rose.  We will be making this tonight for New Year's Eve--Make Your Own Orange Julius.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great 2018!

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