Monday, October 19, 2015

Football Halloween Costumes

I have children, several of them as a matter of fact.  Five boys and two girls (the two youngest yet).  I came across a couple of photos from over 20 years ago of some costumes we made for the kids (at the time five boys and one baby girl ).  The costumes were easy and could be worn after Halloween, too.

I bought each boy a sweat shirt (it gets cold most Halloweens here in Nevada) and a pair of sweat pants.  I then took fabric and cut out large numbers and basted those onto the shirts (basting so they could easily be removed).  My husband, meanwhile, took cardboard boxes and cut "shoulder pads" for each "player".  Those were placed over the boys' shoulders and then the sweatshirts were placed over the pads.  To make it even more convincing lol, we used Halloween make-up for the black stripe under their eyes.

Of course, the boys needed a cheerleader and their little sister Staci was just the one!  For her costume, I cut a simple circle skirt out of red felt and sewed velcro on it to hold it together.  She had a matching sweat shirt and her own pom poms.  I basted the school initials onto her shirt as well, and to keep her warm, she had red leggings as well.


 One little cheerleader.....

I have no idea where the older two boys were while taking these photos.  I know these photos aren't the best but they are over 20 years old.  I hope you enjoyed our blast from the past!
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