Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Parker's (First) Jungle Themed Birthday Party! (Oriental Trading)

We were provided the following items by Oriental Trading in return for this blog post.  All opinions are our own.

Hey everyone!  I haven't done a post in awhile but I finally have something fun to post about!  My little Parker guy turned 1 on the 16th!  We celebrated on the 13th so that friends and family could join.  We were lucky enough to have the wonderful Oriental Trading company help us out!  They sent us decorations for his Jungle themed party and made it that much more fun.


Above, you will see Parker showing off one of the tablecloths.  Below you can see both.  They have fun little animals on them and with the mess that was made with his cake - saved us from ruining the picnic tables at the park, haha.  

Next we have the cute dinner plates, dessert plates and napkins.  They dessert plates have faces of different animals.  We also got the cute cups shown above.  They matched the dinner plates.  They are so cute and went great with the theme. 

Above is our zoo animal favor boxes and the animal masks.  The kids LOVED these! Especially the masks.  Even my husband and I had fun wearing the lion one.  Parker had trouble getting the lion mask to stay on his little face but still thought it was funny! You can also see the zoo animal pop-ups - we put them in the zoo animal favor boxes along with some candy and the sunglasses behind the pop-up.  I believe the sunglasses have been removed from the website, however. :( But they had cute animal prints on each pair.  You will see Parker wearing a pair in the picture below.

Last but not least is the zoo animal invitations we sent out for the party. They were just what I was looking for!  They are pictured below.

Oriental Trading was a HUGE help in getting this party together and getting us everything we wanted.  Parker had a great first birthday party and we are looking forward to many more with the help of Oriental Trading!

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