Saturday, August 29, 2015

One Hour Receiving Blanket

Babies.  I just love babies.  They are so warm, sweet, lovable, and a gift from Heaven. I must love them--I had eight of my own!  It seems back "in the day" I almost always had an upcoming baby shower to attend or a new baby to welcome to the neighborhood.   I always liked to shop for baby showers, too--so much fun to buy such tiny clothes.  When I had my older daughter, Staci, a friend gave Staci an adorable receiving blanket that she had sewn from flannel.  She told me how she did it and it was so easy--no pattern needed!  I have made quite a few of them to give as gifts over the years and I made one for our younger daughter Ali Rose (Surprise!  Actually more of a shock when you are 40 years old and think you are long done with having babies).  Such a  simple gift that I want to share with you!
*One hour is an estimate*

I bought this cute flannel at Hancock Fabrics a few weeks ago.  Both the solid and the owl print were approximately 44" in width.
The blanket itself should be square so 44" x 44", purchase your fabric accordingly.
Wash the fabric first--I always do:).

Then lay right sides together and pin all the way around the fabric to hold in place.  Leave an opening (no pins) large enough for your hand to fit through.

My fabrics didn't quite match up so I just used pinking shears and trimmed that edge evenly.
Then, I sewed all four sides using a straight stitch, 5/8".  I had green thread that matched the fabric so used that.

Again, take your pinking shears and trim CLOSELY to the stitch line.  That way your hem is less bulky.  Careful not to cut through your stitching!

As I said earlier, leave an opening large enough for your hand to fit through.  You will need to turn the sewn blanket back to right-side out.

I just insert my hand though the opening and grab the far corner and carefully work the fabric out.
Then I press the edges with an iron (duh). 

After which I use a whip stitch to close the opening.  I "hide" the beginning end of the thread in the seam and then tie off the end of the thread several times and cut close to the knot so it doesn't show.

Maybe press the blanket one more time for good measure (I myself am a bit OCD about some things).

I just love the pretty owl pattern and colors!

The finished product!  Such a fun little gift for baby and it is handmade--a very nice keepsake.
Quick and inexpensive, too.

Here is a photo of the blanket I just made, the one Staci received as a baby, and the one that I sewed for Ali Rose when she was a baby.  Those older two have eyelet trim (you can also use jumbo rick rack) and you would just pin that into place as you pin the two right sides of fabric together, then sew the fabric and trim together.  The older two blankets are also a bit smaller--36" x 36".  You can buy and cut your fabric as you like. The larger one I made this week is kind of nice when the baby grows a bit bigger and can be a nice crib blanket.

Thanks for stopping by our little blog.  Hope you will visit us again soon.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday # 43

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