Sunday, March 29, 2015

Springtime Renewal

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Springtime is officially here and in Nevada, it feels and looks like it, too.  Just last week I placed this wreath with it's many pastel colors out next to my front door (I bought it at Target on clearance and it just seems cheery enough for early spring).

This past Friday, as I was walking into my home, I looked over and thought I saw some debris that had become caught in my wreath.  However, there had been no winds blowing so I didn't think that was a possibility.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed it was a bird's nest.  Right next to the front door!  I suspected my son, who is a great lover of all things nature, might have found this on the lawn, a former home now displaced.  He denied knowing about it and as he and my husband inspected the nest, my husband noted the nest had been constructed into the wreath.  It was then my son recalled seeing a fleeting shadow, small like a bird's, dart past the front window several times last week.
I haven't found any eggs yet nor seen our little avian guest but one thing is for sure--if our front entryway becomes temporary home to a family,  a sign will be placed on our door:
It is the least I can do.
Enjoy your springtime!

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