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Carson Courage Cars

Regular visitors to our blog are usually met with recipes, crafts, wedding ideas or the like.  Today we would like to present an article that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.  As you read, you will understand.

Carson Dean Cheney was born on July 31, 2007 in Utah.  He was a happy boy, obviously a go-getter.  He learned to ride his bike without training wheels when he was 2 years old.  He learned to read at an early age and write his name--all before kindergarten.

Carson loved toy cars.... a lot.  Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars were a favorite of his.  It seemed that Carson almost always had a toy car in his hand.  A little boy and his car....pretty good combination.

Tragically, Carson was killed in an accident, just shy of his 5th birthday on July 5, 2012.  His family was devastated with the sudden loss of their little guy.  Losing a child is difficult (I know this firsthand myself, as I am sure some of you do).  With time however, Carson's family wanted Carson to be remembered and bring happiness to others--Carson loved to make others laugh and feel joy.  This is where his love of toy cars came in to play.  What better way to honor Carson than to share toy cars with others?  Hidden in areas such as parks, playgrounds, fast-food restaurants, etc. and as far away as Japan, the toy cars bring a smile to those who find them. A small label is attached so the finder is aware of Carson and his short, lively journey here on earth.

Carson's family love him and know they will be with him again.

It is inspiring that they keep Carson's memory alive in such a fun way.  They have lots of help from friends, family, and people who have never met them or Carson--that is truly AWESOME!    It would probably be best if I allowed his family to convey the mission of Carson Courage Cars (from their Facebook page):

 We have coined the term, "Carson Courage" to remind us of Carson's courageous attitude and also as a reminder to each of us to have courage each day as we face the trials and challenges of mortality. We look forward to the day we are reunited with our dear son.
  • We are so grateful for the love and support of so many to keep Carson's memory alive and spread smiles just like he did when he was here on Earth. Every time a car is placed, found and posted, it gives our family a little more strength to continue in our journey. Carson made friends wherever he went and he loved everyone. It's so neat to see that he can continue to do that, even though he isn't physically here anymore.

    If you by chance feel the desire to join in our project , feel free to download the Carson Cars tag in the photos folder and we also try to keep the link pinned to the top of the newsfeed. Print the tags, purchase some hotwheels or matchbox cars (as those were his favorite), attach the tag and then hide them around town and on trips where you think others would have fun finding them.

    We like to think that Carson knows where each of these cars are hidden and that he helps those who need a smile to find them.

    Thank you a million times over for letting Carson into your hearts and supporting our grieving family.

    Hug your little ones a little longer and tighter and make sure to take a good hard look into their precious eyes whenever you can. I miss looking into my Carson's eyes and wish I would have taken more time to do so. That is one of my biggest regret.

Hiding a Carson Courage Car in a local park.

Another car to find!

For more info, please click on the link below.  Better yet, join in and make a child's day by hiding Carson Courage Cars.

To print out labels to attach to a Carson Car, click on this link:

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