Saturday, September 19, 2015

Spray Paint Those Pumpkins!

It is the time of year that our thoughts turn to the things of Autumn: mums, raking leaves, sweaters, football (not necessarily me), cooler evenings, and, if you have children, Halloween costumes.

As I write this, it is mid-September and I do have a few of my official Fall decorations out.  I always purchase potted mums and place them on our front step until it is just too cold for them.  I don't have all my scarecrows down from storage yet but here is a photo so you get the idea:

I love mums and the deep, rich Fall colors they come in.  Need to get my Fall storage boxes down and get some more decorations out!

Here is a few photos of a real pumpkin that I decorated a few years ago.  I happen to have some pumpkins from Michael's I spray painted a few years ago but those are for another post--those are in the storage box, too.

Since I had spray painted and decorated "faux" pumpkins, I got it in my mind one October day to spray paint a real one.  I didn't carve it and it actually did just fine all month long (pretty sure that spray paint has a preservative in it lol).  After spray painting it and allowing it to dry, I just wrapped several craft ribbons around and tied some pretty bows.    Turned out okay, at least I thought so.

A future post with my decorated faux pumpkins coming soon!

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