Sunday, March 13, 2016

Our Hawaiian Holiday #1

Aloha! No, sorry, we aren't giving away a vacation to Hawaii but we do have a few Hawaiian-themed items for our new giveaway!  Keep reading for details.

Staci graduated from BYU-Hawaii 2 weeks ago.  She earned a Bachelor's degree of Exercise and Sports Sciences--woo hoo!  She also graduated cum laude (GPA of 3.5--3.69) so we are proud parents.  She  managed all of this while pregnant AND with morning sickness.  Next May to meet the new grandson!

Staci with her sister Ali after graduation

Our beautiful graduate!

We had so much fun in Hawaii.  I always find our time there so enjoyable!  Staci and her husband Jon live in Hauula, Oahu, which is a short drive from Honolulu and not far from the North Shore, famous for the Banzai Pipeline (surfing).

We stayed at Turtle Bay Resort and Staci's landlords have a pretty awesome rental and we were so comfortable at the Kulima Estates area there.  More on that later.  I am going to entertain you with several posts related to our vacation and activities in Hawaii.

One of our favorite things to do on Oahu is to hike--there is plenty of area for that!  We love to hike up to Waimea Falls, which again is located on the North Shore of the island.  It is a beautiful, floral and fauna-covered area.  The hike, on a paved path, takes you up to Waihi waterfall and swimming hole (lifeguards on duty).  It is a perfect photo op!  The hike itself is 3/4 mile one way and a majority of the vegetation are marked with scientific name.  

However, I didn't get the name of everything...........


I do believe this is a hibiscus.  Correct me in the comments if I am wrong:).
A lovely view.
At the top of the trail is the waterfall--it is so worth the hike!

There are lifeguards on duty so safety first!  The Waihi Waterfall is 45 feet tall.
There are other activities at Waimea Valley as well, which can be found here.  It is a favorite everytime we go to Hawaii.  There is a great little gift shop, too, for you shoppers.

Mahalo for visiting!

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