Thursday, June 9, 2016

4th of July Kitchen Basket

I like to create new things with items that I already have on hand.  A few years back while I was decorating for patriotic holidays (Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July) I wanted to add a touch to my dining table and make it useful.

I had a basket with red and blue weaving through it.  I had red and blue cloth napkins.  Heck, I even had patriotic garland so I was set!

I took each napkin and grabbed it in the center and pulled it loosely together.

I then used the patriotic garland and placed it around the center of each napkin and twisted it once in the middle.  I used 4 red napkins and 4 blue.

I also added in some cute red, white, and blue kitchen towels.

I added them all to my basket, added in a few more pieces of garland and placed the basket on my table.
A creative and useful piece of decor!

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