Monday, September 5, 2016

Alaskan Glacier

My husband and I just celebrated our second anniversary (yay!) and as a gift to me, he got me a tour on a little tour company here called Breakaway Adventures up to a glacier.  It was absolutely beautiful and a lot of fun! We went up the Stikine River, which is a river that flows from Canada to Southeast Alaska.  The captain of the boat was able to get so close to the glacier because it is relatively inactive compared to other glaciers and there was less chance of falling ice.  Below is a video of the glacier.

We also got to hold one of the little icebergs that were floating around - pretty cool!

Below is a picture of our little tour boat.

We were able to see some other pretty cool things as well on the way up.  Below is a picture of one of the many float houses.  A lot of people have float houses they keep on the river during the winter.  Also, because it is on the water they don't have to pay taxes for it.

Below is a picture of one of the three waterfalls that flow directly into the Stikine River.  The rest are streams and such.

We also got off on a beach off the river.  It was so beautiful.  Below is a couple pictures of that area.  We were back on what you call the "mainland".  The other picture is a picture of the stream that was flowing.  I absolutely loved the color of it!

For those of you are that interested, the website of this tour company is Breakaway Tours.  We had an excellent time and the tour guides were awesome!

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