Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Decor of Christmases Past 2

Well, I didn't get this second part done as quickly as I thought I would.....
I wanted to share a few more Christmas decorations that have been in our family for quite awhile.  Some longer than others but still awhile.  I'm sure you have some, too, or your parents do!

My very best friend, as in BFF, Sheri Renae at Sunshine in the Attic made this Christmas Countdown for my boys about 30 years ago--did I say that?  It has been a beloved part of our Christmas ever since.  It is a fabric panel and Sheri then embellished it.  Each day the little stuffed "DecemBear" looks for Christmas in a new location.  He sticks onto the panel with Velcro.  To be fair, the youngest child got to move the bear on December 1st, second youngest the next day and on.  Even to this day, with16 year old Ali left at home, she makes sure she moves that bear before she heads out the door at 6:30 each morning!

Our Nativity has been around at least 30 years.  The kids, once they were a little older, enjoyed setting the Wisemen, Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus out to display.  I know some wait to put Jesus out but honestly I would probably forget in all the commotion!  Again , Ali gets the honor.  I purchased this particular set at a Sprouse Reitz dimestore--does anyone remember those stores?  I even worked there when I was in high school.

This one is a bit tender for me.  The wreath ornament was a gift from my mother-in-law and I believe she purchased it through Avon.  The photo inside is our first poodle, Socks.  My husband and I brought Socks into the family when had been married a year--he was our first "baby".  Socks was such a good dog (except when a baby was napping and Socks would hear something he "needed" to bark at).  He was so good with the kids.  He lived to be 16 and I still miss him to this day😢💜🐶.  He is on our tree every year.

Now this guy--he's been around quite awhile but we just recently acquired him after my mother-in-law passed.  There are actually two of these Santas but Ali deemed this one "less funny looking".
I think they are cute and vintage but my children think Santa is suffering from a hip problem, dysplasia perhaps.  I say he is double-jointed and quite okay with it.  Anyway, I say he is cute!

When my son Eric was in high school, he made his version of the  Grinch out of a lightbulb.  If I recall correctly, it was Christmas of 2001 so people were looking for happiness and healing.  Eric chose to make the Grinch in art class but even with Christmas upon us the earlier tragedy was raw; if you look closely, the Grinch's hat was red, white and a pale blue.  The Grinch is stored carefully each year.

This little Santa was the same concept but Eric's little sister Ali made him a few years later when she was 6 or 7.  Ali used a lightbulb, too.  Batting is pretty useful in crafts!

What ornaments or decorations do you hold dear?  Any of you have some that are an heirloom from an earlier generation?  Comment below if you like!

Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas!

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