Sunday, January 22, 2017

Illumibowl 2

Twochicksandamom was provided an Illumibowl free of charge to provide this review.  All opinions are our own.

Have you heard of Illumibowl?  This product was featured on Shark Tank and is quite popular!
Illumibowl makes those late night trips to the bathroom not quite as worrisome, especially if  you are concerned about your young child or older parent.  Illumibowl lights up with a motion-sensor device and there is no need to turn on the bright overhead bathroom light!  It gives off the perfect amount of light so there are no stumbles or stubbed toes.

Worried about decor?  Illumibowl is quite compact and fits right onto the side of your toilet bowl.

Not only is it compact, you can choose a set color for your light or have it rotate through a variety of colors!

I love the rainbows of color!  My daughter Staci has one at her house as well, which will come in handy once little Parker is potty-trained.  Check out her review here.

Did I mention the lifetime warranty, too?

We love our ILLUMIBOWL!

Illumibowl is available at major retailers or you can order from their website here.

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