Friday, February 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day (Oriental Trading)

Disclaimer:  Oriental Trading generously provided all these items but all opinions are my own.

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and we had the opportunity to work with Oriental Trading again!  They sent us some cute decorations and I had some fun decorating my kitchen with them.  The Jumbo Glitter Shamrock's are on the back wall.  The nice thing about these is they can go anywhere in your home.  I may have taken one down and put it on the front door :).

Next is the Shamrock Handprint Sign Craft Kit.  I had my 9 month old help me with these.  His first craft!  Of course he was much more interested in the green paint and trying to play with it but we did our best! We did his foot print on the left and hand print on the right.  They are simple, fun crafts to do with your children - even if they aren't old enough to understand yet.  They come with 12 so you could even have your kids friends make some or if they have a birthday near St. Patrick's Day do it at their party!  Then of course on our table you can see the Green Plastic Tablecloth.  We actually just got our table a couple months ago and haven't put any tablecloths on it and I think our table needed the coverage so it's nice having that!  All around the table you can see the Gold Coins Chocolate Candy!  They toned the green down a bit and they are easy to eat, too. ;)

These are the St. Patrick's Day Plates we got.  They are so cute!  They come with a total of 8.

This Plush St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun is so cute and fun!  Our 9 month old LOVES him!  Such a cute decoration for our home.

We also got this cute Shamrock-shaped dish from Oriental Trading.  However, I can no longer find it on their website.  They do have these ones though - St. Patrick's Day Shamrock-Shaped Dishes - if you are interested!

You can order all these cute and fun decorations (and more!) at this link: St. Patrick's Day Landing Page.  I have been looking at Oriental Trading magazines since I was a kid and always wanted everything in them!  They have stuff for all holidays and events and are a great company.  Be sure to check them out for this stuff and everything else. :)

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