Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Easter Chalk Art and Surprise Link

Happy Easter season! I guess we still have April's Fool to get past first, yeah? I haven't had a lot of time to decorate for Easter but I do have a few items out--most of mine I have had for years.
We are also in the process of demoing our kitchen so we can remodel it.  Making a new laundry room, too.  Crazy, huh?  No, crazy is starting all this and then flying to North Carolina to visit Staci and her family---now that's crazy!  It will get done sooner or later and cabinets won't be her till April sometime so we have time.  Uh huh, sure we do.

Anyway, I bought this little bamboo chalkboard for Staci's wedding reception a couple of years ago.  My friend Renae decorated on it and wrote "Aloha" and placed it near the entry so guests would see it coming or going.

Since that time, my son Eric will decorate it for me when I ask and I asked for a Easter-themed drawing.  He just used Crayola Chalk and I have it on display in one of the barrels in my front yard.  
I had to turn it around yesterday because it started sprinkling rain a bit and I didn't want it to get washed away.

Eric found some fault with it but I am happy with it.  He's pretty much a natural artistic talent so he can draw pretty much whatever.  One day I will write a post about his talent and experiences.  He won 3 Nevada Governor's Art Awards while in Jr. High and High School, won the U.S. Congressional Award as he graduated, had his art work displayed at the Museum of Modern Art, and on the Jumbo Tron at times Square.  He's pretty smart, too!  He does scientific research and has even traveled to Antarctica on a British Research ship.  Went to France to help restore castles.  How cool would that be, walking down the street and hey, there's a castle!

Well, that's about it.  If you are feeling up to it, grab a chalkboard, some chalk and have at it.  It makes for a nice indoor or outdoor decoration.

Oh, have you read our FamilyTime at SLC Fan X 17 ?
We had fun and saw lots of awesome costumes (cosplay),  and celebrities like this:

You want cosplay--here's your cosplay lol.
Anyway, lots more photos and info by clicking the link above.

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