Monday, September 3, 2018

Wellness Defined

When you think of the term "wellness", what do you imagine?  Do you imagine a handful of vitamins or supplements that you take every morning?  Do you imagine a left free of stress and worry?  Or do you imagine a long, healthy life?

According to the University of California, Riverside, "Wellness is much more than merely physical health, exercise or nutrition. It is the full integration of states of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being," ("Wellness," n.d.).  As you can see by this definition, wellness includes all aspects of our lives, working in harmony together to give us the highest quality of life that we can experience. The National Wellness Institute defines wellness as "a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential." What stands out to you in this sentence?  To me, it is the word "evolving"--no one is in a constant, non-changing state of wellness.  As we age, change geographic locations, increase our knowledge and more we evolve.  Each of us have our own path to follow in life and for some it may include the challenges of birth defects, injuries, chronic pain, or chronic illness   Hopefully, those of us who live with these issues can find ways to achieve wellness in their own way.

Physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, financial, environmental, intellectual, and social are all dimensions of wellness.  How we work to maintain or improve those dimensions in our lives will make a difference in our overall health and wellness and quality of life.  As a Registered Nurse, "quality of life" is something that we consider with our patients and their family members.  What can be done to assure the patient has a higher quality of life?  What is the patient's perception of quality of life (what activities and hobbies do they enjoy? Are they able to care for their own needs throughout the day)?  These are topics that need to be examined with  patients, family, significant others, healthcare providers so the best treatments, therapies, and education can be determined.  Maybe you have encountered this yourself.

Staci and I will be addressing Health and Wellness topics here in the future.  Plus, we are excited to announce that we have begun a small online business, THE WELLNESS GALS, LLC!
I will be using technology such as video conferencing or phone to do an initial intake with clients to determine their goals and needs related to Health and Wellness.  Then, a plan will be designed (customized) to the client's specific goals, past attempts at behavior modification, learning styles, and other influences on health behaviors (both positive and negative).  Staci will customize a fitness program to meet the client's skill level, likes and dislikes, and goals.

We hope that you will stop by our new WEBSITE and look around.  Contact us at for further info.  A full list of services and prices are listed on our "SERVICES" page.  We also offer Small Business Employee Health Plan Design!

Thanks for stopping by and Be Well!

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