Wednesday, January 30, 2019

How to Make 2019 a Great Year

I was just thinking this morning (as I was home with a bad cough from work) of what I could do to make this year one for the books.  What new skills, new information, new adventures can I seek out or learn to make 2019 memorable?

While I have had goals in my life that I have attained, I am more of a "go with the flow" type, I suppose; mostly as I have gotten older; when I was younger I would fret over the smallest things.  I don't want to live my life like that any longer.   I want to enjoy, learn, and do!

1. BECOME MORE ADVENTUROUS.  I think that when I was younger and had a family, I was always worried that something would happen if I took up any "crazy" hobbies.  By that I mean rappelling, snowmobiling, skiing (not very good at it anyway), snorkeling, etc.  I wanted to be there for my family.  Now, before you say, "well a lot of parents do that stuff!" let me clue you in that I am what you would call an "old soul".  I wasn't a teenager who wanted to go to parties and was more comfortable in small groups with people I knew well.  My parents were older when I was born so maybe that had something to do with my ways.

However, I have found myself becoming more adventurous as I have gotten older.  I became a certified fitness instructor and taught classes (yes, to me that is being adventurous).  I went canoeing in a glacier lake.  I have been kayaking in Hawaii several times (my gosh, I even flew over the Pacific Ocean!).  I went to theme parks and rode on rides such as "The Mummy" and lived to tell about it.  My husband and I are actually shopping around for a kayak of our own to buy---these might not seem like extreme-adventure to you, but in my mind, I have come a LONG way!

2.  CONTINUE LEARNING.  I have earned an AAS-RN degree, a RN to BSN degree, and just this last year I earned my Master's in Education, Health and Wellness Education.  I enjoy learning and always have.  I am taking CEU courses to meet the requirements for my nursing license (30 CEUs every 2 years) and am also taking a college course related to my Community Resource Liaison position at work.  I also want to make sure I study the scriptures and other Gospel-related content each day. 

For those of you who may be interested in taking college-level courses without costs, I found a link that has info and colleges for just that!  COLLEGE COURSES AT NO COSTS.
It's never too late to learn!

3.  FIND NEW OPPORTUNITIES TO SERVE.   I love animals and children.  Not that I don't love all age-groups but you know what I mean.  I plan on finding volunteer opportunities so that I can lend a hand to others.  Whether it is walking or playing with shelter dogs, playing a piano in a nursing home or visiting with residents, rocking babies in the NICU--there are plenty of volunteer opportunities available for you, me, and everyone.  What a great way to give back and enrich your own life!  Try this LINK to search for opps in your area.

4.  DON'T STRESS.  Not an easy thing for some.  Some of us are just natural-born worriers, I suppose (cough, cough).  Stress can be detrimental to our health OR it can be motivating.  Which will it be for you?  Have a deadline looming and feeling stressed?  That stress can be motivating to get things done.  Waking up at night and worrying about things that haven't happened and probably won't happen?  Not good stress ( I fall into that category some nights).  I have resolved that I will practice a good sleep hygiene habits (turning off electronic devices at least one hour prior to bedtime, listen to soothing music or sounds, and try to quiet my mind).  Going to bed and getting up at the same time is helpful too, even on days off or during vacation.

These are a few areas that I would like to work on this year so that I can keep my life interesting, healthy, and grateful.  Comment below to let us know how you will make 2019 a great year!

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