Monday, July 15, 2019


It's time to share our Features from the SUMMER FUN 2019 LINK PARTY!  It isn't easy, given so many shared such awesome/tasty/creative posts but I had to narrow it down to a few so here goes.  **Don't forget to visit the other party hosts as we each chose our own Features:

Meet the Hosts!
Don't Bug Me Summer Garden Wreath  by Debbee's Buzz.  I love how this just shouts "SUMMER"!

I dream of the day when we have our own RV.  The DIY Mommy's RV RENOVATION ON A BUDGET is awesome!  Pretty sure her RV is cuter than my entire house.....
Budget renovation of a 1990s fifth wheel travel trailer with paint, fabric, wallpaper, and hardware 
Pretty sure I put on weight just looking at the photos of the RED, WHITE, AND BLUE 4TH OF JULY CAKE by Bird's Party.  Buttercream frosting, mmmmm..... 
HOW TO MAKE WHILMSICAL SILVERWARE WIND CHIMES  by The Interior Frugalista.  I love wind chimes and how cute is this one?
DIY Silverware Wind Chimes 
MY WEE ABODE  has lovely free Summer printables--take a look!
free summer watercolor printable of a beach scene with a brick wall in background and reed diffuser on surface 
As I said, it was difficult to narrow choices down to just a few.  Take a look back thru the PARTY to see what YOUR favorites are!  
If you were Featured, please copy and paste a "Feature" button onto you blog so you can brag about being featured :).
Thanks for stopping by!

Enter our CANVAS FACTORY PRINT GIVEAWAY--now till 7/22/19!


  1. I'm delighted to bee featured today! Thanks so very much for featuring my summer wreath. Coincidently, this weekend I started making a new one, using the leftover watermelon ribbon, for my Etsy shop. Feel free to "bug" me anytime, LOL!

  2. I could not get over that RV transformation. It was so warm and bright and inviting.

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  4. Thank you so much for co-hosting this awesome Summer link party and I truly appreciate that you featured my silverware windchimes! xo

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  8. I'm delighted to bee featured today! Thanks so very much for featuring my summer wreath. Coincidently, this weekend I started making a new one and alos did Curtains and blinds Leicestershire for kitchen.

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