Thursday, September 23, 2021

AMBASSADOR Sunglasses...Bringing Timeless Back in Style

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We recently had an awesome opportunity to try out some super unique, and timeless sunglasses!

Ambassador  Sunglasses aren't like the sunglasses you're going to find at your local store, or on any website honestly.  They are stylish, and make me feel like I'm Audrey Hepburn (she's a favorite of mine, by the way).  

Unlike most sunglasses I have had in the past, Ambassador Sunglasses don't make everything dark around you either - which is HUGE for me because I really hate that. You can still see the colors, and they actually appear a bit brighter, but still prevent you from squinting!  They are incredibly good quality, and they have several different styles suited to what you like, or what will look best for your face. 

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Thanks for stopping by and be fashionable!

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