Thursday, July 30, 2015

A "Screening" Make Over!

A "Screening" Make Over!

By Danyell Halvorson- Guest Blogger

Hi there, Danyell here!

Here’s a quick and easy change for your bedroom or any wall as wall art!
I picked up this old fireplace screen for $3.00 and a can of spray paint for $4.00.
Thats all you need!

Want to know how I did it? Keep scrolling!

First, I made a mixture of TSP- this is a cleaning solution that a great prep before painting (of any kind). Here’s what the  box looks like and you can get it at any home improvement store!

I sprayed down the screen and used a brush and my mixture to scrub it. I finished that off with the hose again and let it dry out in the sun.
Next comes the spray paint! Most any spray paint will do, but one that has a primer in it and that will work on any surface (wood, metal, etc.) works best! This isn’t the paint I used on this piece, but its one of my faves!

I gave it a once over, let it dry, and sprayed a second coat.
Voila! That’s all there is to it!

Once it’s completely dry, you can hang it! I am currently using it above a bed as a temporary headboard, but it can be used as a wall hanging, a “gate” or screen to hide something ugly (I was thinking of hiding the big tub of my daughters toys she has in the corner of the living room). 

The best part? I can move it around as much as I want, and it only cost me $7.00!

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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