Monday, January 25, 2016


Hey everyone!  I did some ab moves for today's video.  I think being pregnant, abdominal workouts get pushed to the side.  But it's actually really important to keep your core strong!  You may not get a 6-pack but it will help prevent back problems, help make labor somewhat easier and will be extremely helpful while you're recovering.

I started off with in and outs.  Make sure that anytime you are in a c-sit position your hand are in front of or by your butt.  If they are behind you, you get less of a workout in your core because it doesn't have to work as hard.  Depending on how far along you are and how big your baby bump is, in and outs might be hard.  You can always do a 6-inch hold with your legs straight out instead or even bring your legs up and down.  Do 15-20 each set.

The next move is a v-sit.  Same position and your legs are straight as high as you can get them.  If this is too hard, you can modify by keeping one foot on the floor and just doing one at a time. Hold for 10-15 seconds each set.

Next are the Russian twists.  Keep your feet off the ground a few inches, core tight and still, and move your hands/arms from side to side.  Do 15-20 each set.  (That's 1 rep each side!)

Lastly, we have flutter kicks.  Legs out and "flutter" your feet about 6-inches off the ground. Remember to keep those hands by or in front of your butt!  You can even make it harder with no hands for all these moves. :) Do 15-20 each set.  (

Do 4-5 sets of these. Have fun!

Make sure you check with your doctor before attempting any exercise program, especially if pregnant.

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