Friday, February 12, 2016

Frugal Valentine's Day Ideas

My husband and I have been together since we were 16 (well, he was 17).  We have spent many Valentine's Days together.  I have to admit some years when our boys were young not much was done but that's okay--I myself am not very romantic.  When the boys were little a foot rub and take-out would have been plenty for me!

I thought I would offer some ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day but staying within a budget.  You don't have to spend an extravagant amount to enjoy the day.

Dinner and a movie.  With Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Red Box readily available, a movie can be enjoyed in your home on the cheap.  If you don't have those programs (hey, I don't have satellite so no judgement here) you can even go online to television broadcasting websites and catch up on your and your honey's favorite show.

Lunch time.  Many restaurant chains and locally-owned establishments offer lunch entrees that are less expensive than their dinnertime equivalent.  A mid-day break might be just the thing!

Favorite activities.  It is still winter in many areas but if you and your significant other enjoy being active, make that part of your plan.  Hiking or walking (bundle up) can be a good time to chat and re-connect as a couple.

Have kids, will celebrate.  When our kids were younger we often included them in our Valentine's fun.  We always gave our kids a card, a candy, and a small gift such as an action figure.  My husband began a tradition of giving our daughters a flower in a bud vase, which they still look forward to.  Spending time with your kids, playing board games, making a homemade pizza, and letting them know that they are in your heart is a memorable way to spend Valentine's Day, too!

If you enjoyed these frugal ideas, check out these free financial tools!  They just might assist you in making your money go further!  **Not a paid endorsement**


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