Friday, February 19, 2016

Super Saturday #6

Happy weekend!  We have a had a bit of odd weather here in Nevada this week (even though it is normal for February).  A couple of days this week were almost spring-like and I noticed our daffodils have sprouted up.  However, Thursday was another story--windy and cold.  According to the weatherman, should warm up to the low 60's in a few days.  Even if it doesn't, my husband, Ali Rose, our son Elijah, and little ol' me are heading to Hawaii the end of the Week.  Pretty sure it will be warmer on Oahu!

Now, onto Super Saturday, where the chicks and I share a few blog posts we have found interesting this past week.  Our first post is a bit different in that it isn't a craft or a recipe--it is about a rooster!  When I was young and lived in Florida, my neighbor raised chickens.  I loved to visit and help with gathering eggs or feeding the chickens.  We even had several chickens and there is still something relaxing to me to see chickens roaming out and about.  Did you know on Oahu there are chickens that just wander around, not owned by anyone?  I was told they are called"jungle fowl".  Anyway, back to our featured posts:

Kathi shares a post about her rooster who lost his mate (insert sad face here) but there is a happy ending!  I just loved reading this!

As I was perusing through various blogs, I found these oh so cute owl party bags from Dawn at prettyshabbyuk.  I love these and how love how easy they are!

Jenn has some great tips to clutter and organize your spaces.  Who doesn't need help with that.  Well, maybe Jenn doesn't since she wrote the post :).

With Easter not far off, thoughts of bunnies and chicks (preferably chocolate) dance through my head.  Linda at Paper Seedlings has the cutest handmade card tutorial:

One of the most talented bloggers that I know, Evija, has a great post to help us invite Spring into our homes!  Browse through her posts and be prepared to be impressed with her wonderful tutorials for recycling, upcycling, and great handmade gifts.

While you are here,  please take a look at our so easy Cherry Crumble recipe.  We think you will love it!

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope that you enjoyed our features.  AND, if you were Featured, please grab a Super Saturday "I was Featured" button!

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