Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fairy Garden Fun!

Hi everyone!

Today I'm writing a  post about a little project I've been working on during this spring weather, a fairy garden! I've always loved fairy gardens. I think they're so cute and can add vibrance and uniqueness to any yard.

First off, all I did was buy a simple fairy garden starter kit at Walmart.

Then I ordered a few more things to add some more character to my fairy garden...including a fence..

a couple of hedgehogs, a mushroom,

and a dragon.

I found all of those on Ebay/Amazon.

I also bought a galvanized metal bucket, which I also purchased at Walmart. 

I'll use the bucket to 'plant' my fairy garden. I drilled a few holes in the bottom to help with drainage. 

Next comes putting together your fairy garden. Obviously there are no rules and it's totally up to you and how you want to decorate yours. Here are some pictures of mine to get your creative engine going...

And that's all! It didn't take long to put together at all. You can get the supplies and put it together in less than a day, unless you decide to order some more decorations. Enjoy! :)

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