Thursday, May 5, 2016

Illumibowl Review

Twochicksandamom was provided with the following product free of charge to write this review--opinions are our own.

Hey everyone!  Recently we were asked to review a product called Illumibowl.  Illumibowl is great for late night trips to the bathroom.  I'm currently pregnant (third trimester) and so of course I'm always making runs to the bathroom.  Illumibowl has a motion sensor that detects when you are there and lights up the toilet so that you don't run into anything - this was extremely helpful when I would just reach the bathroom door and a night light came on.  You honestly don't even need to turn on the bathroom light with this which also helps when you just woke up and you don't want to turn on a bright light which could prevent you from falling asleep quickly again.

It will help prevent late night messes and because of the fun colors, (you can set one color or just let it be like a rainbow as the colors change) kids will definitely love it.  If you're potty training, or even have kids who are scared of the dark or the "monsters" in the toilet, the light will help them with that as they make their late night runs.  I honestly recommend this product whether you are up every night using the restroom (or not, it will still prove useful when you do) or you have young kids.  If it has been this helpful for me, I know it will be helpful for them.

Check it out at their website:

You can order one here: for $19.99 and free U.S. shipping!

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