Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gifts from Peru

Recently my husband and I did some house sitting for a friend of ours for a few weeks.  She went an on awesome vacation to Peru.  When she returned she brought some awesome gifts for my husband, son, and I.

The llama painting was done by her tour guide in Peru who does artwork part-time.  She got this for our 2 month old for his room - so cute!  The little llama keychain in the left-hand corner of the photo above is also his - I'm sure he will put it on a backpack someday.

Next is my favorite - chocolate! Roasted Giant Corn & Milk Chocolate.  Don't knock it until you try it.  It was delicious!  I was kind enough to split the piece evenly with my husband.  I actually threw the last two pieces in his bag before he left for work just so I didn't cheat him out on any.  Never easy giving away chocolate...

She also got me a cute headband! It's cool to have one with different designs and that is handmade. It's colors are perfect for fall! I'll definitely be wearing it then.

Last is a container that has some really cool carvings in it.  Perfect to add a little decoration to our future house.  I wish I knew more about it and if there is any meaning to it - guess I will have to look it up! 

I thought I would share these as they were really neat gifts as it's not every day you get something from Peru.  Maybe some day we will visit! 

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