Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Notsofamous Pizza in Wrangell, AK

Hey everyone! My husband and I are back in Alaska for the Summer while he commercial fishes.  When he has time off the boat we try to go do something - this generally means going to eat food at places.  One place that just opened a few months ago here has us going back every week - Notsofamous Pizza.  It's delicious!  They also have great prices.  It's a cute, little shack with some outdoor seating.  You can grab a slice to eat there or have a pizza cooked to eat there or you can take it to go (cooked or as a take-n-bake).

If you live here or ever visit (which I suggest because it's beautiful), this place is one you really should try out.  They also make homemade cinnamon rolls, breadsticks, and calzones.  They have just about every pizza topping you would want on your pizza and their crust is amazing.  The ingredients are always fresh, too.

Not only that but they will provide dinner to those whose families are hungry and don't have the means to pay for it as long as the family in return provides an hour of their time.  They will also provide dinner for any elderly who are hungry as well as deliver it for them and help them cook the pizza in their home.  That's a place worth keeping in business!  After seeing that I knew they deserved a post and even though it's on a tiny island, I hope that those who stop here see this so they can support this wonderful business. 

Tell me that doesn't look delicious! :)
Check out their Facebook page www.Facebook.com/notsofamouspizza. 

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