Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Main Dish Recipes

From time to time, we like to share a collection of our recipes.  Recently we shared a few of our Dessert Recipes and hope you check those out!  Who doesn't like dessert?  Unfortunately, former fitness instructor me does...

So today we thought we would share a few of our Main Dish Recipes.  Who doesn't like main dishes?  Ok, enough of that, Donna.

For starters (and it is always a good time for stuffing/dressing--check out this Butterball Turkey page to see what this dish is called regionally.  Being from Florida, we always called it dressing and it DID NOT go in the turkey to cook lol.  Yet, I was surprised to find that here in Nevada, dressing is the preferred term.  I must be a true trendsetter.  The recipe I use is from my husband's great-grandfather, who at one time owned a small diner in Payson, Utah.  I must be truthful and say that I do place this tasty dish in the turkey BUT if not enough room, the extra goes into a casserole dish, true to my Southern roots.

Now, some will say that stuffing/dressing is a side dish but I just love this recipe so much I had to share it.  The next few recipes are true main dishes, tho.

It's summer, it's hot (100 degrees yesterday) and you want something the kids will eat, have a few nutritious ingredients, and minimal heating of the kitchen.  Here it is!

Frito Chili Salad has salad, chili for protein (feel free to use vegetarian or turkey) and CORN CHIPS!  That should get the kids' attention!

Ok, if you do feel like firing up the stove, here are two more tasty, nutritious, and spicy recipes:

Taco Soup is one of my family's favorites.  When my sons were in junior high and high school and brought their friends over, I would double or triple this recipe so I could feed a hungry group of boys.  Second and third helpings were always in order.

The avocado slices (or guacamole) add a nice taste--you can also add as much taco seasonings or other spices as you like if you prefer SPICY tastes.

Last but not least, Mexican Lasagna Casserole 
has a Latin twist on an old clinic that is quite tasty and a big hit.

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