Thursday, April 12, 2018


Are you like me and have a graduating Senior this year?  Either from high school or college?  Our youngest, Ali Rose is graduating this year from high school--I can't believe it!  No more kids in public school for us, and with 7 kids, it has been ongoing for years.  I also can't believe that our youngest is going to be 18 in May and graduating in June--as they say, "Where did the time go"?

Since I am relatively an "old hand" at this graduation thing, I thought I would share with you some centerpieces/candle holders/bug repellent (you'll see) that I first made when our oldest child, Joshua, graduated.  

Most places, at least in the US, high school graduations are held in May or June so the weather is usually warm.  Usually being the operative word.  I leave it up to my child if they want a graduation party or just to go out to dinner with family and close friends.  Maybe I didn't leave it up to Joshua, being the first one lol.  We had an outdoor party!

I wanted to add bits of the school colors, which are blue and gold.  I also knew that the mosquitoes and gnats would be out so I wanted to repel them (maybe my personality would do that anyway).

I decided to take some small terra cotta pots (I used 2 sizes as you can see) and sponge-painted them. First I used some craft primer on the pots, let that dry.  I just took a thicker paint sponge (remember when sponge-painting your wall was a thing?) but you could use a household sponge, too.  I just cut off a size that was workable for me.  I used 2 different pieces--one for blue and one for gold/yellow.

On the rim, I sponged on one color and then the other so you can see the undercoat a bit.  I let it dry for a few minutes in between coats, of course. 

I had purchased some small wooden stars from a craft store such as Michael's or even the craft section in Walmart.  I used a small paint brush to paint the stars.  I also used a fine-tipped Sharpie marker to add some "dashes" to outline some of the stars.  Use you imagination for your own candle holder!

You can add a sealer to the finished product but that is up to you.  Mine are 20 years old this year (!) and I just have them in one of my hutches on display.  I would take them out when we needed them for a high school or grad party.

You can also paint the inside if you like.  I don't remember why I didn't--sometimes I like the "weathered" or "unfinished" look.

I used citronella candles (the yellow ones shown above) to deter bugs but you can use regular votive candles or no candles at all.  I thought it would look cute too to place some plastic wrap or cellophane inside and use them as nut- or candy-cups.   I also thought to prevent worry of a lighted candle you could use the battery-operated votive candles.

Well, I was thinking I didn't need these after this year but our oldest grandson will graduate high school in 4 years so maybe I should hold onto them.....All of my kids went to the same high school (as did their Dad and I) so the colors worked for each graduation.

I hope you enjoyed my DIY Graduation Party Candle Holders tutorial!

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