Friday, December 20, 2019

Pyramid Hike

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Continuing on our hiking adventures with Pyramid Mountain.  Bet you can't guess why it's called that!  This hike wasn't for beginners, but wasn't super hard either.  Harder than Old Woman, but easier than Barometer.  It is rated 'difficult' on most sites I see. The very top is pretty much a climb, rather than a hike.  The day I did this with my friends, it was actually insanely windy, and way too dangerous to climb.  I haven't yet returned to try the final climb, but as soon as it's nicer weather again, I will!

I did this hike in August, and there were blueberries, that my friends picked, for days! So many blueberries!  If nothing else, go halfway to get some yummy berries.  It's about a 2.5 mile trail, with a few places that flatten out so you can get a little rest.  The picture right above here, is the start of the trail.

This picture here, is about the halfway point.  You can go even further forward, and have a better picture of the water.  On most parts of this hike, you can go left and right and explore a little bit (looking for those berries :))

This is the very top of the hike (looks a whole less like a Pyramid now, huh?)  This is where we stopped as the wind was extremely strong this day - it was blowing us around.  Aside from that part, we still got a great view at the end, and it was a great hike.  I definitely recommend it if you are ever in Kodiak.  Take all the proper precautions for bears, and take a friend or two along, just in case.

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