Sunday, October 18, 2020



I purchased this Halloween burlap at Hancock Fabrics several years ago.  I believe that they are no longer in business, sadly.  I wasn't sure what I would so with it but if I didn't buy it then, when was I going to?

So jump ahead to this year (we should have jumped ahead to at least 2021) and I got the idea to attach the burlap to a wooden frame.  

I purchased several sizes of canvas frames: 12" x 16" 12" x 12" and 18" x 18".  You can find those at many stores with a small art dept.

My husband worked with me and we cut the fabric 2 to 3 inches larger than the frame all the way around.  We actually just laid the fabric over the canvas, instead of removing the canvas and just using the wooden frame.

Fold the material over to give yourself a thinker edge.


Using a staple gun made things go quickly and easily.  Fingers still intact, too!

We ran a little short on one frame and instead of folding it under, we stapled as it was and then added a thin bead of hot glue to prevent it from fraying.  I used a wooden craft stick to spread the hot glue--again, fingers were good!

I was going to miter the corners but we just folded and stapled to make a clean, flat edge. 

You can leave it as is to display or.... can add embellishments to your work.  I purchased ready-made stickers and Ali made this with the "BOO!" stickers.  She did use a bit of hot glue to the underside of the letters since the fabric isn't a smooth surface.

Ali Rose and her creation!

I added lettering, too, and an orange button for effect.


 I hope this gives you some ideas of your own to make a Halloween canvas!  

Happy Halloween!




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