Friday, December 25, 2020

Photowall Canvas Review w/ Discount Code


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Hey everyone! We have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Photowall -- they make wonderful wallpaper, prints, posters, canvases and more! We have nothing but an incredible experience with them. Their website answers just about any question you would have for them -- and they have an 'About Me', so that you know exactly what they do, how they came to be and their mission.

The canvas pictured above is of my husband and I on our wedding day.  The wall above our bed has been lonely since we moved into our place last summer, and I knew as soon as this opportunity came up, I needed a wedding picture there. This picture is HUGE (31.5 x 47.25 inches), and look at that quality! They did such a great job. Here's a closer look if you don't believe me...

Jon and I enjoy looking at our eyes in this picture before we had 2 kids and the wonderful tired eyes that come with parenthood lol. Seriously though, great quality, and they got it done quickly and shipped just as fast. There was setup involved, but the instructions are so straightforward. It was also very easy to put the canvas together -- I had a lot of fun doing it. 

Not only do they take your orders seriously to make sure they are great quality, and make sure they are sent out in a timely manner, they also try to minimize their environmental impact. They tell you all about it on their website, and I love learning about companies that do these things! The environment is so important -- it's where we all live! Why wouldn't we want to support these companies who are doing their best to limit their impact on it?

Here's my cute husband doing a size comparison for you -- he was AMAZED when he saw this canvas. He was also pleased when he saw how easy it was going to be to hang. Really, you don't need a bunch of hardware tools - it's so easy!

Just a little recap here -- Photowall has great quality, fantastic customer service, amazing work, the setup is simple, things get done in a timely manner, they take your orders seriously and they are passionate about the environment. Want to know the best part? They are giving you a 25% discount if you use code 
at checkout. This is only valid for a month, so make sure you plan to order soon! 

Use this link to go to their website and checkout all their amazing work and products: 

If you click on this link below, it will take you directly to learn about the passionate people and company behind all of this -- they are worth getting to know:

Thanks for reading, and please take the time to check out their stuff and use that awesome discount they are giving. It really is high quality stuff that is fairly priced. 

Also, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


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