Monday, May 4, 2015

Island Engagement and Photos

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later...I would be the Mother of the Bride.  It seems to have happened sooner than I had anticipated but children do grow up:).  One of my chicks, Staci Rulan, became engaged in May 2014 and was married on August 22, 2014. We had a summer busy with planning, prepping, and traveling.  Living in a small town in Nevada called for traveling to larger shopping areas such Reno, Boise and Salt Lake City.  Naturally, we hated every minute of it---NOT!  It was a good time for Staci, Ali Rose, and myself.  

It was a learning time, as well.  My oldest son has been married for 14 years now but things are a little different when your daughter is getting married--and a bit more spendy.  We were game to plan out centerpieces and bouquets ourselves.  Not just to save money (though that is helpful) but also because we love to be creative.  We might not be the best but we are always game to try.

Since Staci and Jon were attending college in Hawaii (Oahu) it was up to the two of them (ok, it was probably up to Staci) to find a photographer.  She happened to know a fellow BYU-Hawaii student who would be graduating soon with a degree in Fine Arts who also was a great photographer!  Okay, the main thing was the "great photographer" part.  

 Sarah Querido Photography in Laie, Hawaii was so amazing.  She had many great ideas and was willing to listen to the kids about ideas they had as well.  She spent a good amount of time with them planning and going to several locations to shoot. Check out Sarah Querido Photography on Facebook for some more examples of her talent.  Here is another "super" fun photo from the session:

Make it fun, right?  The romantic is already taken care of as:   
1.  Being in love  2.  Being in Hawaii.
If any of you have been to Hawaii, (at least Oahu as I haven't been to the other islands), you have to have a photo with shave ice in it--an island delicacy.

Shave ice is like a snow cone with ice cream and assorted flavors rolled into one.  Amazing stuff--especially in Haleiwa.  We love Aloha General Store's shave ice and their inventory of souvenirs.  Matsumoto's is well-known for their shave ice, also.  At peak times there is going to be a wait but no one seems to mind! 

Aloha for now and Mahalo!

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