Wednesday, May 20, 2015


We are a little ahead of ourselves posting about reception preparations.  One thing I wanted to share with you is the artsy sign we placed near the exit door so guests could have a final thank you as they left the festivities.  Being a Hawaiian-themed wedding reception, we wanted more than a few decorations that spoke to that theme.  "Mahalo" has several meanings but in this instance, of course, we wanted to convey "thank you" to those who came to celebrate Staci and Jon's special day.
I purchased the bamboo framed chalkboard from, even though I wasn't sure what we would do with it at the time.
It eventually occurred to me (probably thanks to Pinterest) to use it in a large potted plant of grass and mums (being late August, the fall flowers were in full bloom).  My good friend Sheri, who came to attend the wedding and reception, was my right-hand man for decorating for the reception.  She gladly shared her artistic talents and here is the result:
Such a simple addition but a colorful one.   That chalkboard is handy and we actually decorated it with Halloween characters and kept it on front steps for sometime.  Then the snow and rain began to fly.....
More wedding posts to come.

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