Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Version of Toll House Cookies

Having a sweet tooth myself, having a husband who likes cookies and having (at one time not so long ago) a houseful of boys, it is no surprise that I have made cookies.  Lots of cookies.
Our favorite is Nestles Toll House cookies.  Sweet, chocolatey goodness.  However, years ago when my husband and I were newlyweds, I was making some of those same cookies when I realized I didn't have butter.  I had already started making the cookies and didn't want to bother with going to the grocery store so I substituted one cup shortening (Crisco) for one cup of butter.
Guess what?  I believed the cookies were better than if they had been made with butter.  They didn't "spread out" as much as they did with butter (we like our cookies chubby haha) and the taste was just as delectable.
Over the years I also learned to not put in the full amount of 2 1/4 cups of flour as sometimes the dough would be dry.  I usually put in 1 3/4 cups to start and then add if I need to.  Just check the consistency.
Do you have a cookie dough fiend in your family?  Who doesn't!  I use pasteurized liquid egg product for my cookies, cakes, and other baking.  The health concern isn't there with a pasteurized product.
I also like to mix it up by using not only semi-sweet chocolate chips but also a mixture of various baking chips such as milk chocolate, butterscotch, white chocolate, and have even been known to chop up various candy bars as an add-in.  No nuts, though.  My family is not a big fan of cookies with nuts.
These are just my ideas and opinions but thought I would share.
Happy Baking!

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