Thursday, June 4, 2015

Palm Trees in Nevada

Well, yes there are palm trees in Nevada.....Southern Nevada.  Here in Northern Nevada, not so much.  Unless you count my small yet growing collection of items with palm trees.  I was born in Florida and lived there till I was 9 so was accustomed to palm trees, dogwood trees, fruit trees, pecan trees, etc.  I have also had the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful scenery of Oahu.  This might contribute to my love of palm trees and tropical decor.

I actually just happened into my palm tree craze.  A few years ago I found a plate with palm trees on it at my local Wal-Mart and on a whim decided to buy it.  A few months ago I was in a Dollar Tree store in Reno and came across a framed palm tree print and decided to splurge lol.  A few months ago I was browsing and came across a set of dinner plates that I loved!  White with embossed palm trees.  I added them to my wish list and for Mother's Day I received TWO sets of dishes.  Exciting!

I made a display on my China cabinet or hutch, whatever you prefer to call it.

Here is a close up of my dishes so you can see the embossed pattern:

They do get used most days.  I thought it would be fun to leave them out and make an arrangement with them rather than hide them in a kitchen cabinet.

Do you have a special collection or display?  Feel free to comment below and let us know!

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