Sunday, June 14, 2015

Patriotic Simple Gift

I will admit it.....anything red, white and blue catches my eye.  I love the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, etc.  We fly our flag on any patriotic holiday!

With the Fourth of July just down the road, I took a look at my red, white, and blue decorations.  I really did like the plant wrappers that I made a few weeks ago (see our Simple Gift Update or Simple Gift posts) so thought I would make one for the patriotic summer holidays.

I am short on sponges so I actually found a new car wash sponge in the garage (yes, a car wash sponge) and used a template (for scrap booking) I had of a star to cut a star-shaped sponge.

I cut it about an inch thick so that I could have a firm hold on it.

I then added red, white, blue, and silver acrylic craft paint to parchment paper as my palette.

I cut a brown paper lunch bag to fit over my mint plant.  I used a pair of scrap booking scissors.  I then dipped my sponge in each color, rinsing it with warm water after each color.

I used the slightly rounded end of a paint brush to "dot" paint around the stars.  Of course, I allowed each side of the bag to dry before turning it over to paint the other side.

After drying, I placed the plant inside the wrapper and tied it with craft ribbon.  This is really a simple craft but kind of fun.  I think this would make a nice hostess gift when going to a Fourth of July barbecue!
I hope that you will give it a try.  People who have received these as gifts really think they are quite cute!

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  1. Very cute! A good idea that you can adapt to any gift occasion.


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