Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Reception Table Backdrop

When we were planning Staci's wedding and reception last summer, we wanted to stay within budget.
We wanted the reception to be festive and fun, with a bit of a tropical feel--you might have seen our "Fruity Palm Tree" post; if not, take a look.

While we wanted a backdrop for the head table (which no one sat at much anyway), we wanted to keep it simple.  We decided on balloons to cover the wall/partitions.  I found a good deal on balloons at  For helium, I purchased the tanks at Wal-mart; I recall we had to buy 3 so we had plenty.  Family members pitched in to fill, tie and place the balloons.  It worked out pretty well, our little assembly line.

I found the "Mr.& Mrs. Forever" plaque at but you could easily use a chalkboard.

Summer is the time for weddings--well, so tradition says.  You might even be attending a few this summer.  It is fun to see how creative and unique the decor can be!  

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