Saturday, July 4, 2015

Family Memories

I recently discovered and became an affiliate so could be compensated by sales related to this post.  In our family, as probably in yours, we have older photographs of parents, grandparents, and other family members.  We have 8 mm film with my husband and his brothers as young boys at Disneyland.  Not the best quality these days.  VHS tapes were more the thing when my kids were young....we have plenty of those!-kids and tapes!  We even have some audio tapes of our little ones sweet voices.  I really don't want to lose any of those precious memories, not for us, not for our children.

I will be sorting through our older photos soon and sending some of those to southtree for their experts to renew and fine tune the photos.  It will be so exciting to see them renewed to their former glory.  Take a peak at their website and read about "a family time capsule", you can't beat that for a family get togethe!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Things I love and Hate

One of the chicks, Ali Rose. 
I was tagged by Staci from twochicksandamom

1. I love Ansel Elgort 
I hate that he doesn't love me back. 

2. I love my pets. 
I hate that they're loud.

3. I love going to concerts.
I hate that I can't go to them all the time. 

4. I love the internet. 
I hate the internet.

5. I love all the friends I've made online.
I hate that they live so far away.

6. I love Netflix.
I hate how much time I waste on it.

7. I love my family. 
I hate that I don't get to see them all the time.

8. I love outer space.
I hate how much we don't know about it.

9. I love food.
There's no down side. I love food.

10. I love learning.
I hate school. 

I tag anyone reading this who'd like to do it. :)

Things I Love and Hate

I was tagged by my mom, Donna from here!
and so here is my list of 10 things I love and hate:
1.  I love working out!
I also hate working out. ;)
2.  I love kids!
In my current position, I'm managing 15-20 kids a day, that's not easy.
3.  I love my husband
I hate his summer job of commercial fishing since he's always gone.
4.  I love going to school in Hawaii.
I hate the school part.
5.  I love food
I hate that my favorite foods are the healthiest...
6.  I love clothes
I hate that I can't buy all the ones I like
7. I love night time
I hate that I have to wake up early and can't enjoy them much. (I live in Alaska, it's daylight for quite awhile...)
8.  I love chocolate
I hate weight gain
9.  I love traveling
I hate long flights and over-nighting in airports.
10.  I love having a large family
I hate being gone for such a long time from them
Ali @ Gotta get my sister!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Things I Love and Hate

I was tagged by Susan at
and so here is my list of 10 things I love and hate:

1.  I love being a mom!
I wasn't a big fan of labor!

2.  I really love being a grandma
I hate that my grandkids don't all live in the same town as me.

3.  I love my pets
I hate it when the dogs bark at nothing--and the cockatiel joins in.

4.  I love summertime
I hate that I don't have the summer off like I did with a school job.

5.  I love vacationing in Hawaii
I hate having to leave Hawaii

6.  I love my UPS man (it's okay--we are married).
Not a fan of the long hours the UPS man works.

7.  I love my job as a Registered Nurse
I hate to see people in pain or sad

8.  I love chocolate
I hate weight gain

9.  I love decorating for holidays
I don't care for UNdecorating after holidays

10.  I love my friends, spending time with them, and my family.
I regret (hate?) that I let things that weren't important get in the way sometimes of having fun with my kids when they were young

This was a fun post--just typed as it came to mind.  Thank you, Susan @

Staci @  Ok, she is my daughter!

Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday

Happy 4th of July! 

Ok, a few days early but hope everyone has a great week!

Time to party--thanks to Karren for allowing me to co-host this week's Wordless Wednesday! 

We Welcome You To The 4th Of July Wordless Wednesday where this week we are featuring Independence Day entries from this months parties, hope you enjoy!!

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Patriotic Candle Holders

One of my very favorite holidays is the 4th of July.  I love the 4th of July!  Maybe it is the spirit of our Founding Fathers, the red, white, and blue colors, the flag itself, fireworks, America...I really don't know but I have looked forward to this holiday since I can remember.  

Of course, I decorate our home in patriotic decor, inside and out,  beginning in May.  May has Memorial Day, June has Flag Day, and July has.....well, you know.

Some years ago, at a craft class at my church we made these cute wooden candle holders.  My youngest daughter, Ali is 15 and I know it was before she ever came along.  I made a set for our family and a few more to give as gifts.  They were a big hit!


This is a photo of my "old" ones from many years ago.  If you would like to make a pair (or even one) here are the instructions and supplies: 

4 x 4 wood post, UNTREATED
* have the wood cut into one 12" piece and one 9" piece
Drill a hole in the top of each piece of wood (mine measure 7/8" and are 1 to 2 inches deep--this should fit most candles)
Base or sealer for wood (can buy at craft stores--mine is Country Colors Simply Wonderful Water Base and Varnish)
Acrylic paints in patriotic colors
Red, white and blue garland or tinsel to place with candles
Wooden stars in various sizes (I bought my new ones at Michael's--Lara's Crafts brand in 1" and 1.5" sizes.
Reflections brand adhesive glitter stars, also at Michael's

After cutting and sanding wood, apply seal and allow to dry about 30 minutes or per instructions.

You don't have to paint them in the design that I did so use your imagination.  I painted the entire block white and then allowed to dry (I did two coats).  If you do want to paint three different colored areas, I marked the 9" block off with painters tape or masking tape.  I measured 1.5" from the top and placed the edge of the tape at the mark.  I did the same on the bottom.

I then added red and blue to my project:

Again I allowed the colors to dry in between coats--I added three coats total of each color.  Make sure your tape is pushed down firmly or the colors will seep underneath.

After the paint was dry, I added another coat of the above-mentioned sealer/varnish.  It added a bit of a glossy look.  Let that dry for 10--15 minutes and then you can decorate with painted wooden stars, glitter stars, even ribbon.  I used hot glue gun to add the stars or a wood glue would be fine.  Add the tinsel (twirl around your finger or a pencil)  and then place that and a candle in the hole that was drilled on top.  

That is the new one made today in the middle, with the older ones on either side.  It really is a fun craft and hope that you will give it a try.

Finished two more candle holders on the 3rd.  Giving those as gifts.  The one on the right I simply glued fabric ribbon around and added the painted wooden stars and press-on glitter stars.  Pretty easy!

Happy 4th of July!

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