Thursday, October 22, 2015

Blast from the Past Halloween Costume

Quite a few years back, 1997 if I recall correctly, i was working part time as an instructional assistant at a local elementary school.  Halloween was coming up and the staff had a Halloween costume competition.  the movie, Men in Black, had been released that summer and I suggested that the instructional assistants dress as MIB agents.  The others agreed and we prepared our costumes. which were quite easy to obtain.  As an added bonus, we practiced the dance from the MIB music video (thank you, Will Smith) and performed that as part of our competition.  The dance and our "costumes" were hits and we won the competition.  The principal was so impressed with us that she had us perform for the students and parents at a school assembly later that day!

The photo above is from that day and that is my youngest son, Aaron, who was a student at the school at the time.  His friends were so impressed with his being MIB!

This is another in my "Blast from the Past" Halloween photos.  Hope that you enjoyed our 90's look!

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