Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Halloween Clowns of Long (Sort of) Ago

Since it is so close to Halloween, I have been looking at photos taken when my kids were young, innocent, and lovable (I guess they are still slightly lovable).  I do recall that one year when Joshua, Jared, and Elijah were young (I had them in less than three years!) I decided they should be clowns for Halloween.  How adorable!  When they are that small, you gotta have them dress as you would like them to--before the days of  dressing as monsters or ghouls begins. 

A pattern (either McCalls or Simplicity), some fabric and some of mom's make-up and "voila"!  I had three pretty cute little clowns who delighted all those who opened their door to them--and Grandmas and Grandpas were especially charmed!

I am sharing older photos of Halloween past this week so I hope you don't mind the photos not being the best quality--such was life in the 1980s.  PicMonkey does an awesome job of editing and adjusting the color, though!

Thanks for stopping by--another "oldie but goodie" photo of yours truly tomorrow.


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