Monday, October 12, 2015

Easy Halloween Wreath

Last Fall I wanted to send my daughter-in-law some holiday items for her birthday (November 3rd).  I didn't have a problem sending her gift out early--she is like me and loves Halloween and to decorate for it!  I found a few little decorations as I visited craft stores and such but had a large straw wreath I had bought sometime back and decided to decorate it for her.

I bought some 4" black burlap ribbon, 1/2" wide Trick or Treat and checked ribbon.  I already had the Jack O'Lantern buttons and  the small spiders so set to work. I used a bit of hot glue to hold the burlap in place initially as I wrapped it around, then added more hot glue to hold it in place (on back of wreath so as not to show).  I then wrapped the two smaller ribbon around and again used the glue to hold.  Then it was time to add the embellishments!

I used a dot of glue to add the pumpkin and spider buttons.  I didn't want to add a bow so added a 2" wide piece of orange ribbon and then pinned on a Halloween brooch (do people still use that word) that I had in my jewelry--I have a lot of Halloween earrings, bracelets, etc.!

My daughter-in-law was pretty happy with the wreath--these are photos she took of it hanging on the front door.  I enjoy it when I already have most of the materials I need and can just craft a about you?

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