Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Valentine's Day Features and Party in Your PJs

Hello and Happy Valentine's Day Eve!  I know, that isn't a thing but....
What plans do you have for Valentine's Day?  My husband works late most nights so probably not much here.  I do have a little something for Ali Rose and of course, the grandkids.

Make sure to check out the Old or New Family Favorite Recipes Blog Hop that we participated in with 10 other bloggers.  Lots of delicious recipes!  I shared our Taco Soup recipe!

These are awesome!  Perfect Man Peanut Butter Valentines from Hoopla Palooza.

Valentine's Day Brunch by Carol at Comfort Spring Station--lovely!

Valentine's Day printable from Blowing Away Out West.

My Heart Soars When I'm With You: Free Valentine's Day Printable Art & Card | blowingawayoutwest.com -Beautiful Balloon Valentine Framed Printable and Card #freeprintable #freevalentine #freevalentinesdayprintable #hotairballoonprintable #balloonprint #valentinecards

S'mores Cookies--you bet!  By Candy's Farm House Pantry.

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Okay, onto the party!  Thanks for joining us!

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