Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Baby Birds

The "wreath finches" as we have decided to call them are growing fast.  Three of the eggs hatched on April 14th and the fourth the next day.  They are at least three times the size they were then.  Mama Bird doesn't stray too long ; I notice she leaves for short periods of time during the day to get food.
They are ravenous in the above photo:).  When Mama is away the babies often are asleep and look similar to one big dust bunny as they snuggle together.  
We felt pretty accomplished getting these photos!  
We are careful not to disturb the family so wait until Mama is away to take a peek.  We are pretty protective of them--since the nest isn't in a tree, our cement steps are a few feet below the wreath nest.  We placed several bath towels on the cement so if someone falls out, hopefully there will be no injury.
Will update as they grow!

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